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Jobs at MassLegalHelp

Reviewed February 2013

Helping post guides and translations for articles on MassLegalHelp.org.

Help us update our translations database. See a description of this volunteer opportunity on Idealist.org

Please contact us if you are interested.

There are no paid positions at MassLegalHelp right now. If you are interested in volunteering to help improve the website, please contact us to discuss how we can make it better.

Massachusetts legal services programs, list job openings on Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation's website


Plain English Editing Consultant

As Plain English Editor you will advise the MLH team of editors and legal contributors about communicating clearly and succinctly, edit, help organize and publish legal information on www.MassLegalHelp.org. You will be using your analytical and writing skills to give low income residents of Massachusetts the information they need to cope with the legal problems they encounter.


  • Work with website editors to ensure that our English materials are clear and easy to understand for low income residents of Massachusetts
  • Edit and rewrite existing legal materials so that they are in Plain English


  • Ability to write clearly and well
  • Ability to communicate complex legal ideas into simple sentences without sacrificing meaning
  • Ability to work with authors
  • Good organizational skills
  • Commitment to equal access to justice for low-income people
  • Preferred: any legal experience
  • Preferred: working knowledge of HTML and the Web


  • Compensation commensurate with experience


Please submit cover letter and resume (including two references) by August 16, 2007 to: Annette Duke Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, 99 Chauncy Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

about the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation and MassLegalHelp.org

MassLegalHelp.org is one of three statewide websites that make up the Massachusetts Legal Websites Project. The project is a collaborative effort of the civil legal aid community of Massachusetts working out of Massachusetts Law Reform Institute. The websites project is funded by Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC). MLAC provides leadership and support to improve civil legal services to low-income people in Massachusetts through collaboration with the legal services community, the public, the bar and the Legislature. The goal of the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation’s Publications Clearinghouse Fund is to contribute to the creation of resources for low-income people that educate them about their rights, clearly outline how they can advocate for themselves, and help them access other available resources. The Plain English Editing Consultant is paid by this fund.

Created January 22, 2007

Temporary Website Project Coordinator

Deploy your management and technology skills for the public good as a full-time,
temporary Website Project Coordinator for Massachusetts
Law Reform Institute
MLRI advocates for law and policy that advances the cause of social and economic
justice in Massachusetts. MLRI also supports hundreds of lawyers and advocates
around the state, many of them in legal aid programs. Our websites help advocates
share knowledge and educate the public about their legal rights and responsibilities.

As Website Project Coordinator for MassLegalServices.org, you will oversee
the delivery of advocacy materials and other web-based technical support functions
to legal services advocates and social services professionals in Massachusetts.
You will be part of a three-person team, which also includes a Website Project
Coordinator who oversees MLRI’s other major website, www.MassLegalHelp.org,
and a Website Project Assistant. You will work closely with them and content
experts to ensure that the different websites meet their constituencies' needs.

Key responsibilities

  • Nurture and support communities of practice:
    • Manage and promote knowledge-sharing spaces like listservs and discussion
    • Sponsor workshops, trainings, and other activities to promote the spread
      of knowledge;
    • Ensure that all staff are connected to best practices and break down
      unnecessary barriers to knowledge-sharing
  • Manage statewide website, MassLegalServices.org:
    • Oversee the transition to a new platform for masslegalservices.org
    • Oversee addition and organization of materials by editors and the Website
    • Meet regularly with editors of each substantive section;
    • Coordinate between the website and other knowledge- or practice-related
    • Oversee the selection and work of technology consultants and/or contractors.
  • Set and promote knowledge-sharing across legal aid organizations:
    • Identify best practices for emulation and dissemination;
    • Connect with similar initiatives at other organizations.
  • Monitor and evaluate the state of knowledge-sharing programs and initiatives.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Ability to collaborate with and win support from senior program staff
  • Ability to motivate and coordinate loosely-affiliated teams across institutional
  • Understanding of knowledge processes, particularly organizational and personal
  • High degree of familiarity with computers and web-enabled systems, including
    ability to communicate with technical staff to implement projects
  • Desire to keep up with technological developments and interest in making
    use of emerging technology effectively to support legal services
  • Knowledge of legal practice, especially poverty law is highly desirable
  • Library science or information management background is highly desirable
  • Experience developing or running training programs is a plus
  • Experience managing and leveraging small budgets in a nonprofit setting

Most of all, you should share our passion for social justice and technology
as a means to that end. We offer free comprehensive health and dental benefits
and a competitive nonprofit salary based on your experience, such as $42,894
for 5 years' experience and $52,890 for 15 years. MLRI has a diverse
workplace and seeks candidates who welcome and assist in maintaining this diversity.

Please send a resume together with at least three work references by February
9 to: Allan G. Rodgers, Executive Director,
to arodgers at mlri.org.

Produced by Gene/Caroline
Created Nov 8, 2006

Website Production Assistant

job description

As Website Production Assistant, you will gather and organize resources for
the Massachusetts legal aid websites. Use your web savvy, writing skills, and
meticulous work habits to promote social justice in Massachusetts while gaining
exposure to legal practice.


  1. Work with website editors to gather appropriate resources
    1. Work with advocates to identify and acquire helpful practice materials
    2. Gather materials from state and local agencies, including through
      use of Freedom of Information Act requests
  2. Reformat and publish resources for web use
  3. Assist with the project as necessary, e.g. publicity, training, outreach


  • Close attention to detail
  • Working knowledge of HTML and the Web
  • Preferred: Any legal experience
  • Preferred: Any library experience


  • Position is part-time (3 days/week) with full health
    and dental benefits.
  • Compensation commensurate to experience


Please contact us for an email address or submit cover letter and resume (including two references) by November
28, 2006 to:
Caroline Robinson 99 Chauncy St 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111.

about Mass Law Reform Institute and the MassLegal website project

MLRI advocates for low-income people, minorities, immigrants, elders, and
people with disabilities in their struggles for basic human needs; defend against
measures that harm people living in poverty; advocate for systemic reforms
that achieve social justice; and provide support that will enable others to
carry out these objectives. Through the Website Project, MLRI educates the
general public about their legal rights as well as supports the work of other
legal aid advocates throughout the Commonwealth. MLRI has a diverse workplace
and seeks candidates that welcome and assist in maintaining this diversity.

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