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"Good cause" for sealing records

Produced by Greater Boston Legal Services
Created September, 2014
  • You were denied a job or are at risk of unemployment or underemployment related to your CORI;
  • You have trouble getting housing, or are homelessness, or at risk of homelessness related to CORI;
  • Employers use CORI in your present occupation or an occupation you’d like to have;
  • CORI reduces opportunities for advancement (promotion, internship, better/ higher paying job
  • You and/or your family are on public assistance despite your efforts to get a job;
  • You have trouble volunteering or doing community activities due to CORI;
  • A lot of time has passed since the case was filed against you;
  • You are sober and have made efforts to rehabilitate yourself;
  • You have made efforts toward self-improvement (classes, programs, GED, degree, certificate.) ;
  • You do volunteer work and/or other work to help in your community;
  • You successfully completed probation in your case(s
  • You have had no further contact with the criminal justice system;
  • You have other evidence of rehabilitation from the date of the offense or dismissal;
  • Your situation at the time of the offense should be considered (e.g. you were a teenager
  • There is stigma or stereotypes related to the case that hurts your chances to get a job, etc.; and
  • The reason for dismissal or nolle prosequi and other information relevant to sealing your case(s).

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